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Alpha Beta Peel Treatment

The intermediate peel treatment is for a wide range of skin types and combines both alpha and beta hydroxy acids to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation.
45 minutes – $70


Gel Peel Treatment

The introductory hydroxy acid treatment is designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin texture, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation. This is a safe and effective in-office treatment that minimizes patient downtime.
30-40 minutes- $70

Reconditioning And Firming Treatment

This treatment is ideal for dehydrated, aging, and environmentally damaged skin types. The use of specific cleansing, toning, masque, and protective products will help to leave a healthier, firmer appearance to the skin.
30-40 minutes- $70

Deep Pore-Cleansing Treatment

This treatment is perfect for any client experiencing congested pores, including those with teenaged skin. The combination of products helps to reduce oil without drying and gives the skin the hydration it needs
45 minutes- $70

Clinical Acne Treatment

This treatment, designed for acne-prone skin, includes a calming masque and lymphatic drainage as well as corrective products that are ideal for the treatment of acne on the face, chest, or upper back.
30 minutes- $70


Treatment For Sensitive Skin

This treatment is designed for problematic/ rosacea skin types and to help calm and soothe compromised skin.
40 minutes- $70

Refining Treatment For Men

This treatment is designed specifically for men who suffer from ingrown hairs brought about by shaving. The treatment can be also used on the neck, chest, arms, back, or legs. This treatment is good for all skin types.
30 minutes- $70

Blemish + Age Treatment

Designed to promote blemish-free, youthful-looking skin, this adult acne treatment includes a blemish-controlling treatment with firming facial masque and finished with layers of light hydration for a healthy, radiant appearance.
30 minutes- $70

Pigment Balancing Peel

This treatment is a customizable treatment targeting hyperpigmentation to improve uneven appearance of photodamaged skin.
60 minutes- $70 or series of 6 for $400


Micropeel And Micropeel Plus

This procedure combines manual and chemical exfoliation using 30% or 20% glycolic acid and cryogenic therapy, to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, laxity, dullness and skin imperfections.
60 minutes- $70 or a series of 6 for $400

Photofacial/ Photobody (IPL)

Photofacial is a non-abrasive and non-invasive rejuvenation of your skin using the remarkable technology of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Photofacials can improve the signs of sun damage, rosacea and brown spots on the face, hands and body. It has also been used to reduce the appearance of mild acne scars, dark circles around the eyes and fine lines around the eyes and mouth.
Full Face $85 or 3 for $245 | Face and Chest $140 or 3 for $350

Full Face $350 $1400
Face and Neck $375 $1500
Face, Neck and Chest $450 $1800
Chest Only $300 $1200
Face, Neck, Chest and Hands $500 $1200
Total Legs $1100 $3500
Upper and Lower Arms $400 $1600
Forearms and Hands $300 $1200

Dermasound Elite Facial Treatment

This clinical treatment uses low frequency sound waves and water to exfoliate, nourish and heal the skin. An alternative to microdermabrasion, this treatment is perfect for all skin types including patients with sensitive skin.
60 minutes – $100


Photodynamic Therapy With Levulan

Photodynamic therapy (PDT), also known as photoradiation therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat skin cancer and other conditions such as acne, rosacea and actinic keratosis by destroying abnormal skin cells.

Full Face $480 $1295
Face and Neck $600 $1620
Face, Neck and Chest $700 $1890
Chest Only $400 $1080

Laser Hair Removal

This treatment reduces unwanted dark pigmented hair from many areas of the body. Five to six treatments are recommended six to eight weeks apart.

Face $180 $900
Upper Lip $80 $400
Upper Lip and Chin $120 $600
Underarms $120 $600
Arms Half $150 $750
Arms Full $280 $1400
Back $320 $1600
Bikini $100 $500
Bikini Extended $150 $750
Chest $180 $900
Stomach $200 $1000
Legs Full $400 $2000
Legs Half $300 $1000

Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is so safe and beneficial to use that it is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists throughout the world. These products integrate with the skin and combine the enhancement of daytime makeup with the effectiveness of corrective makeup for post-operative patients and trauma survivors.
Consult…….$50 Free application with a $50 purchase

Cosmetic Sclerotherapy

The “gold standard” treatment for the spider veins is sclerotherapy.Dr. Bailey uses one of two FDA approved solutions to perform cosmetic sclerotherapy (Sotradecol®, Polydocanol®) These solutions are much safer and have a better side effect profile that the old hypertonic saline solution.


The solution is injected into the spider vein with a small micro needle causing the vein to seal shut. The vein eventually disappears with time.
15 minutes…….$150 | 45 minutes…….$350


This treatment is perfect for all skin types. With gentle exfoliation and painless suction, this facial reveals a fresh layer of skin that has been nourished with antioxidants and peptides. This treatment will leave your face moisturized and glowing.
60 minutes – $150 … Series of 5 – $600


  • Skinceuticals
  • Obagi
  • Jane Iredale
  • Latisse
  • BOTOX®
  • Liquid Smile
  • Fallene TIZO3


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