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Laser Tattoo Removal

At Rejuvenate Wellness Spa, your safety and outcome are our top priority. This is why we use the gold standard laser technology for tattoo removal. This technology is the only technology that is able to penetrate down to the dermis and shatter tattoo ink without causing damage to surrounding tissue, which prevents scarring. We are able to use a wide range of wavelengths to cover over 80% of tattoo colors.

It is normal to experience some discomfort during the treatment. We may use a topical numbing agent and cooling machine to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

The number of recommended treatments depends on the size, color, and area of your tattoo. Come see us for a consultation so we can tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs!

*This treatment is suitable for skin types I-VI.

Small Area

Tattoo equivalent to the size of a golf ball

Large Area

Tattoo larger than a golf ball

Custom Package

The number of sessions for the removal of your tattoo vary depending on the size, color, age, and area of your tattoo. We can create a custom package to provide you with the most optimal results. Come see us for a consultation!



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